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KS3/4 PSHE - Resolving Conflict



Misunderstandings and arguments in childhood can cover a vast emotional spectrum, but seemingly trivial conflicts will often alter the emotional well-being of a child for an entire school day or longer.

This programme visits Ridgeway School in Devon to explore the various strategies that young people can use to help each other resolve such conflicts.

Students Emma and Kirsty both felt isolated as a result of conflict at their previous schools but at Ridgeway, have been paired up in a buddy system to help them resolve some of their worries.

The school also offers a successful peer mediation training scheme, where students are given advice on how to help others find resolutions to their conflicts.

Elsewhere, in south London, teenagers Isla and Annamarie work with LEAP Confronting Conflict - specialists in the field of conflict resolution and mediation ? and demonstrate how they have benefited from joining a growing network of peer mediators.

Published : Mar 2007

15 mins


Secondary Pupil


Secondary PSHE

Personal & social skills


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