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Healthy Primary School



Julie Bradley became headteacher of St Leonard's Primary School in 2000 and - having noticed a lack of energy in her students - quickly set about trying to improve their vitality and stamina.

Together with her staff at the Burnley school, she re-jigged the timetable, ensuring that the school day followed a rhythm of energetic and quiet times and that PE was placed high on the school's agenda.

As a devoted fan of Burnley FC, Julie knew that physical education and sport could help her pupils find a new focus. Regular breaks for classroom aerobics and mental gymnastics were introduced to help keep pupils alert and focused on their work.

Provision of food and drink was also addressed, with water bottles standard for all pupils and healthy eating at breakfast time, snack time and lunch time.

All the hard work is now paying off in the children's improved energy and self-esteem, not to mention a shared passion for Burnley FC.


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