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The 2-Hour/4-Hour Challenge



Willow Brook Primary School in Keyworth, near Nottingham, has gone to great lengths to ensure that all of its pupils are offered a wide range of high-quality physical education and sport.

The school is already providing the government target of two hours of PE each week and ensures that its youngest pupils develop basic skills, enabling them to become competent and confident sportsmen and women.

Willow Brook is open to all sorts of new ideas to help enhance sporting opportunities for its pupils. External coaches, plus professional development and leadership schemes are used to ensure the delivery of both quantity and quality in PE.

Meanwhile, we're introduced to the "walking bus" scheme at Clayton Brook Primary School in Lancashire. It isn't physical education in the strict sense, but it achieves some of the same outcomes, with the children clocking up 2.5 miles of walking and 75 minutes of exercise each week.


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