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Secondary NQTs - Classroom Encounters with Cowley



Behaviour expert Sue Cowley provides classroom management strategies to two newly qualified teachers (NQTs) at Great Barr School in Birmingham - England's largest secondary school with 2,500 pupils and 160 teaching staff.

Sue watches Gail Clarke teach art to a challenging Year 8 class. She analyses the lesson with Gail and provides pedagogical advice, exploring a number of strategies for better classroom management.

Sue's suggestions include: applying school-uniform rules, setting clear learning objectives, creating rewards and sanctions - and for Gail to change her own clothing!

Sue then speaks to American NQT Edward Egere about the techniques he's found most useful in his first term of teaching ICT at Great Barr.

Great Barr's induction mentor Elaine Caldecott and headteacher Cate Abbott reveal what they look for in new teachers, explaining how the school supports the development of NQTs.

Published : Jan 2007

30 mins


Teaching with Cowley


Secondary NQT


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