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Introduce a Key Stage 2 science class to the properties and uses of the many materials that surround us, including rock, water and carbon dioxide.

Rocky Road reveals to primary pupils the processes involved at a quarry, from the rock being blasted out of the ground to the mixing of it with hot bitumen and the laying of it to make roads.

Ice Trail looks at the properties of solid and liquid water, as a block of ice is shaped and moulded into a sculpture. And in Melting Moments a KS2 class can learn how heat can change ice from a solid to a liquid to a gas.

Rainy Days uses a combination of live action and animation to examine the water cycle and the part played by evaporation and condensation.

And finally, All Change demonstrates how solid carbon dioxide reacts when inserted into a balloon, and what happens to a balloon when placed into liquid nitrogen.

Published : Apr 2007

15 mins


Science Tube


Primary Pupil


Primary Science

Materials and their properties


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