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Examine micro-organisms - or bugs - with a Key Stage 2 science class. This video shows pupils that bugs live everywhere, including on and inside human beings, and it highlights the importance of good hygiene practices.

Bug Ballet shows microbes under a powerful microscope dancing across the screen.

It's a Bug's Life uses animation and live action to demonstrate the consequences of a child not washing his hands after using the toilet.

Yoghurt Live! proves that not all bacteria are harmful. In fact, bacteria is essential in yoghurt production. Using animation, this video investigates the microscopic science of making yoghurt.

A Trip to the Dentist shows a primary class just how many bacteria we have in our mouths and explains how brushing our teeth prevents decay.

Finally, Where Does all the Poo Go? visits a sewage works, showing what happens after we have flushed the toilet and how bacteria helps to clean the sewage.

Published : May 2007

15 mins


Science Tube


Primary Pupil


Primary Science

Life processes and living things


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