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Breaking the News



This programme documents a pioneering media studies project that culminated in a student team producing its own news bulletin at ITN.

Fourteen pupils from nine schools around the country followed a specially devised online course about television news. Two pupils from each school then spent time at ITN producing their final "Breaking the News" bulletin.

We track pupils from one of the schools, The Grays School Media Arts College in Essex, as they audition for the role of presenter, film a local news story (about an art deco cinema in Grays) and master the skills of scripting and editing.

Watch as the final "Breaking the News" team become confident presenters and news journalists, crafting their Newsday bulletin with a little advice from Channel 4 staff, including newsreader Jon Snow.

In addition to providing a valuable insight into news production, this programme demonstrates how media studies teachers can organise a successful Newsday in their own schools.

Published : Mar 2006

30 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary English

Media & moving image

Whole School Issues

Secondary Media Literacy


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