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Being Chair



Three governors talk about their roles and experience as governors and acting as chairs.

Ivan Godfrey from Two Moors Primary in Devon, Jackie Ball from Gay Elms Primary in Bristol and Richard Bevan from Bedminster Down Secondary are three very different chairs of governors.

Key points:

  • They reflect on their role and their relationship with their respective headteachers
  • They look at how they lead, work with and encourage the rest of the board
  • The programme also explores the role of specialist training in helping existing and potential chairs

Correction Note:

A viewer has kindly brought two inaccuracies in this programme to the attention of Teachers TV.

Governorline has confirmed that the following procedures are correct as of October 2005:

1) Early in the programme, Mary-Jane Hinchcliffe (Governor Development Manager) states that the election of CoG/VC is an autumn term job. This is no longer the case, however, despite widespread local authority expectation. It is up to the Governing Body to decide for themselves how to organise it.

2) Further in the programme, the Chair of Governors leaves the meeting whilst nominations for CoG are made. This could suggest that he is going to be nominated which is not necessarily the case. A Governing Body must undertake a process which does not result in anyone being unable to nominate or be nominated because they are out of the room. Only after nominations are made but before a vote is taken should those who have been nominated leave the room.

These rules apply regardless of the status of the school, foundation, voluntary-aided and voluntary-controlled.

Please visit Governornet for further details and the latest advice.

Published : Mar 2005

15 mins


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