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KS2 Science - Electricity: Circuits



Year 6 teacher Zoe Lowe introduces electric circuits to her class, using innovative role-playing exercises to underpin the transition from symbolic diagrams to circuit boards.

Zoe's lesson begins with a card-matching exercise to assess what pupils know about circuit symbols. A role-play is used to demonstrate current flow and how a light bulb is energised. The children then draw circuit symbols to consolidate their understanding. Next, pupils work in pairs with Worcester circuit boards, batteries and lamps to place their theoretical knowledge in a physical context.

Key points:

  • Matching circuit diagrams to actual components is often a source of confusion
  • Using whiteboards to draw circuit diagrams allows the teacher to rapidly assess pupils' understanding
  • Role-play is effective in demonstrating how current only flows through a closed circuit

Published : Feb 2005

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Science

Electricity & magnetism


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