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Lesson Planning on the Web



Expert Alan Howe gives two newly qualified primary teachers the task of planning a Year 3 lesson on rocks and soils.

The programme follows the teachers as they take very different routes and structure quite different lesson objectives supported by remarkably different websites. Their planning is put to the test in the classroom, but what will our expert make of them?

Lesson Planning on the Web explores how web material can enrich a lesson. One lesson is enhanced by the use of photographic evidence from the internet, while the other uses an ICT-based website game.

Also addressed is the importance of beginning the planning with clear objectives. The teachers also appreciate the need to critically review what comes up in a search in light of the needs of a specific class. As the NQTs create "bespoke" lessons for their classes, they begin to realise they can take ownership of the curriculum by using this kind of online planning support. It is an important message and one consistent with the DfES Excellence and Enjoyment Strategy for Primary Schools.

Top tips for planning your lessons on the web:

  • Always keep the National Curriculum's learning objectives in mind
  • Highly-specialised sites can be interesting, but not always useful for your children
  • Managing your time is key - there are a lot of websites out there!

Published : Feb 2005

15 mins


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