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The Springboard programme is designed to support those KS2 children who are slightly underachieving in numeracy and who with extra help could go up by another national curriculum level when taking their SATs.

This programme documents how one primary school goes about implementing the Springboard 5 numeracy initiative. The majority of Prince Albert Primary's children are second language learners. Robina Koursa is a young Asian teaching assistant who works with Ruby Bhoghal's Year 5 class. There are strict guidelines about when and how Springboard is to be organised to ensure the children do not miss out on the numeracy hour itself.

We see Robina supporting a group of five children within the Year 5 class during the daily maths lesson. Later we see her withdraw the group at the end of the afternoon while the other pupils are at assembly. It is obvious the children's confidence in maths has been improving because of the extra help they have received.

Published : Jul 2005

14 mins


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