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In this programme headteachers Nicky Rosewell and Eileen Ross visit each other's schools to discuss their particular approaches to improving behaviour and promoting understanding between pupils.

Eileen Ross was featured in the programme Challenging Children and runs a system of Assertive Discipline at Herbert Morrison Primary in Lambeth. The system puts an emphasis on good behaviour and achievement rather than on punishment and discipline.

Nicky Rosewell is featured in the programme Transactional Analysis and introduced TA as an aid to improve behaviour in her school, Grange Middle, in Harrow. This system educates children to assess and learn from situations using popular psychology.

This programme shows:

  • A comparison of approaches to improve behaviour
  • Good behaviour and achievement versus punishment and discipline?
  • Pupils can learn disciplinary lessons from popular psychology

Published : Feb 2005

15 mins


Primary Management


Primary Headteacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Behaviour


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