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Early Days



Follow newly qualified teachers Tara and Rosie as they embark on the first week of their induction year in teaching. Both have opted to teach at inner-city schools in London, a major change from their previous teaching practice and a factor that is certain to bring new challenges.

Both from very different backgrounds, each of the NQTs has a different approach to teaching, but they both agree that preparation and behaviour management are crucial at this early stage. Will their individual approaches to preparation and teaching get them off to the right start?

The headteacher at Tara's school is Pam Marley. "NQTs have a big learning curve," she says. "They have to learn all their general classroom skills, you're working in someone else's environment and suddenly this room is yours to organise how you want it. There are other things like having a classroom assistant; no one teaches you how to manage another adult."

The programme looks at:

  • Coming into school before term starts to prepare the classroom
  • Balancing the need to manage behaviour and the desire for popularity
  • Dealing with pre-term nerves


Published : Feb 2005

15 mins


Primary NQTs


Primary NQT


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