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Managing Behaviour



Managing Behaviour follows newly qualified teachers Tara and Rosie on the first week of their induction year in teaching. It provides insights into the typical phases and problems that most NQTs go through, highlighting common behaviour management issues.

Each of our NQTs comes from a different background and when faced with a parents' evening, frustration about pupils' behaviour and an outbreak of nits, they each adopt different strategies in order to deal with their problems.

Both use different strategies to deal with the behaviour problems: Tara introduces a points system, where children get a mark out of three every day based on their behaviour, while Rosie tries concentrating on her body language and tone of voice. Later, her induction teacher Liz advises that she:

  • Give the child three choices: to return to the task, to do the task later or to leave the classroom. "It's always good to involve the child in their own behaviour management."
  • Don't let children tell you you're being unfair
  • Don't let them see you getting stressed. You should always be smiling or saying something positive

Published : Feb 2005

15 mins


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