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Parents' evenings are a time when crucial communication between teachers and parents takes place. Enhancing the relationships between school and home, these encounters are not always without difficult questions and challenging attitudes.

This programme takes four experienced teachers and introduces them to some demanding parents played by actors. Observing and reflecting upon how the teachers cope under pressure is psychologist Josh Baker.

In four case studies, teachers grapple with specific problems. There is:

  • A pushy parent
  • A pupil who has lost interest
  • A pupil who is having problems settling in
  • A pupil who is rebelling against a rigid set of beliefs that her parents feel ought to shape her learning in school

The programme offers an entertaining and reflective consideration of communication between parent and teacher. It offers advice on preparation for parents' evenings and focuses on issues such as dealing with anger, and parents' responses, opinions and feelings.

Published : Apr 2005

15 mins


Secondary Management


Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Parents and Community


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