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KS3 History - Interpretation in Action



This is the second programme looking at Dale Banham's in-depth study of World War One. This programme catches up with the Year 9 pupils of Holbrook High School. The challenge they now face is to use their critical analysis skills to plan, organise and write their own historical interpretation in the form of a documentary presentation.

After a lesson on documentary styles from the teacher, the pupils divide into production groups and go about selecting evidence for their productions, cross-referencing different source material, writing their scripts, selecting music and developing the style of their presentations. After an afternoon planning workshop, one of the group presents their production to parents' evening.

This programme is very much focused on the pupils, their discussions and work. It clearly shows the progression that has been achieved by the students in their conceptual development as well as historical understanding.

Key programme areas:

  • A thorough review of students' progress over the lesson series
  • Pupils plan and produce their own documentary
  • Critical analysis skills are put to the test

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