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KS3/4 English - Teaching Talking 1



Getting pupils to engage and participate in group and class discussions in the secondary English classroom is a difficult and often undervalued teaching skill. Drama offers obvious opportunities, but Teaching Talking 1 shows that it's not just set-piece performances that can help.

A Year 7 class at Swanlea School in east London have been collaborating to devise unscripted pieces as "missing scenes" from a stage version of The Demon Headmaster. Their teacher, Sangeeta Sharma, is a recent PGCE graduate.

Key points:

  • Sangeeta helps them to work logically and methodically to agree criteria for a "good performance" before they finish preparing their pieces
  • The class then use these same criteria to reflect on and evaluate their own and each other's performances. They then vote for best piece
  • Sangeeta and John Yandell, one of her former tutors at the Institute of Education, watch a video recording of the lesson and discuss key moments, opportunities and issues

Published : Jun 2005

15 mins


Secondary NQT


Secondary English


Speaking & listening


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