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KS3/4 PE - Motivating Girls 1



This programme takes a detailed look at Priesthorpe, a specialist sports college in Leeds. It explores how their introduction of innovative practices in PE have motivated girls to participate and created a culture of change.

When it comes to achieving government targets of two hours of school sport per week, girls are lagging behind. In spite of increased provision, research indicates that at Key Stage 3, up to 40 per cent of girls are dropping out.

The PE staff at Priesthorpe have introduced a range of measures to overcome these obstacles which are making a difference. These include:

  • Changes to the PE kit
  • Widening the range of activities available to girls
  • Offering more choice
  • The introduction of dance to the curriculum

Jo Graham is in her third year of teaching and has introduced GCSE dance to the curriculum. It's a popular choice. Lisa Arundale managed a gym for 12 years before being headhunted by Priesthorpe to become their first community sports coach specialising in dance.

Published : May 2005

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Physical Education

Dance and gymnastics


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