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KS4 Science - Chemistry with CLEAPSS



CLEAPSS helps a science specialist perform dazzling and safe chemistry experiments at KS4.

Wendy Butler, a science specialist at St James Catholic High School, demonstrates several oxidation-reduction experiments that are safe and fun, but not very successful. To boost her skill base, Wendy takes part in a training session with Bob Worley, a CLEAPSS chemistry expert. Having watched her attempts, Bob shows Wendy shortcuts and tips to make her performance more successful. Look out for burning bubble columns and the brilliant thermite reaction.

Key points:

  • Sometimes all it takes is a slight modification of an experiment to make it vastly more successful
  • Ask students to participate in the demonstration after ensuring your procedures are safe
  • Remember there are resources and training out there to assist you

Published : Feb 2005

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Science



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