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Safer Staff



Teachers have a right to be safe at work, but deciding what makes schools safe and putting a plan into action is by no means simple. Using dramatic reconstructions, Islington Green School in London addresses some of the security issues managers face on a daily basis.

The senior management team at Islington Green School in London share their experiences of managing school security. Specialist Ken Livingstone also offers advice and top tips are given by other security experts and specialist researchers. This programme aims to provide practical tips on how to address security management in secondary schools.

Key points:

  • A teacher is abused every seven minutes
  • Everyone needs to be involved in violence prevention, from the council to the parents
  • If you work to build positive relationships with your students, it's much less likely you?ll feel threatened by them

Published : Feb 2005

15 mins


Secondary Management


Secondary Headteacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personal wellbeing


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