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Restorative Justice in Action 2



This programme is subtitled.

Whitton School in Twickenham has recently introduced restorative justice as part of its behaviour management system.

Leading the project is Brigid Medlam, a restorative justice worker and psychologist financed by the Children's Fund. Brigid works at Whitton School one day a week as a mediator between victim and aggressor.

We follow Brigid during a typical day's work, offering help and more importantly a safe environment for pupils to talk through issues without risk. On this particular day, Eni and Natasha have come to see Brigid over a simmering dispute between some Year 8 girls.

Brigid sees restorative justice as a means of helping pupils face responsibility and to address victims' feelings.

This programme looks at:

  • How restorative justice workers can have a positive impact on learning
  • How restorative justice is helping to resolve disputes between students
  • How to get pupils talking so they can resolove their own arguments

"I tell them I'm a bit like a Relate counsellor," explains Brigid, "I'm trying to get them to work together so they're happier to be in school and so what they're doing isn't affecting other people."

See the resources and support materials page for details of programme-related links and publications.

You can also find the subtitle document for this programme on the resources and support materials page.

Published : Apr 2005

15 mins


Secondary Management


Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Behaviour


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