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Lesson Observation



Kenneth Carmichael teaches business studies at King James's School in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. This programme follows him over the course of his first term of teaching, charting his progress and takes a detailed look at how Kenneth approaches the prospect of experiencing his first lesson observation.

Kenneth's induction tutor, Stuart Giles, observes him teaching theories concerning motivation in business. The programme demonstrates that negotiating the lesson observation and agreeing to the objectives in advance are key to this useful exercise. But Kenneth is worried that his lessons are boring. How will he fare?

This programme:

  • Follows Kenneth's preparations
  • Looks at the lesson observation itself
  • The feedback Kenneth receives from his induction tutor
  • Attempts to demystify the process of the lesson observation
  • Offers practical hints for any NQT wanting to make the most of their first lesson observation

Published : Apr 2005

15 mins


Secondary NQTs


Secondary NQT

Whole School Issues

Secondary Coaching and Mentoring


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