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Classroom Management



Clare Hewitt, a former air hostess and supermarket manager, now teaches modern foreign languages at Parkside school near Bradford. This programme charts her progress over her first term of teaching and takes a detailed look at how Clare is tackling classroom management.

Clare has set working with low-ability groups as one of her targets for the year. She teaches six lessons a week to low-ability classes in Year 8 and 9.

During her PGCE year, Clare learnt about differentiation and catering to children's preferred learning styles, but putting the theory into practice is proving more of a challenge.

Clare's induction tutor, Sarah Williams, is close at hand to offer her some advice and together they discuss strategies for improving Clare's classroom management.

Will Clare establish her own rules within the classroom or will the children establish theirs?

Published : Apr 2005

15 mins


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Classroom Management


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