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Primary ICT - Numeracy - Handling Data



This programme observes a Year 4 class at a Bristol primary school where teacher Simon Mills uses the problem of the distribution of colours in a jar of sweets to explore the challenge of understanding frequency and interpreting and presenting data.

The class works in the school's ICT suite over three lessons to initially build a frequency table in Excel, then moved on to constructing a bar chart from these tables. In the final session, the pupils labelled and titled their charts and discussed the best ways to represent their results.

Key points:

  • The challenge in teaching maths is in the language
  • ICT allows students to see results quickly - they can access the maths and not worry about presentation
  • Good literacy on the technical aspects of the suite is crucial for lesson success

Published : Mar 2005

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary ICT Curriculum

Primary Maths

Handling data


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