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KS3 RE - Sacrifice and Islam



How do you communicate complicated concepts like sacrifice and martyrdom to Year 7 students? Teacher Kathryn Kane takes an unconventional approach.

In all religions, blood has special significance. Kathryn uses it as an entry point, since her students enjoy the "gore factor". The class research on the physical properties of blood on the internet leads into a discussion of the material worth of the physical parts of their bodies.

As a result, Kathryn's students soon understand the priceless nature of human life and the concept of sacrifice. She introduces them to the Muslim stories of Ibrahim and Isma'il, which are new to most of the class and links these to the more widely-known stories of Abraham and Isaac.

This programme:

  • Uses a range of engaging techniques, including games
  • Explores Muslim stories to develop empathy and understanding
  • Promotes discussion and understanding about concept of sacrifice

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