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KS3 RE - Sacrifice and Sikhism



An imaginative Year 7 lesson on the concept of sacrifice and the Sikh story of Guru Tegh Bahadur, using role-play to help students gain a deeper understanding and insight.

They begin by reading about the Guru, his character and values. Once they have gained a basic knowledge of the story, the pupils are then asked to think empathetically about the key players. The class is divided into small groups, with each group acting out a short scene from the story, ending with a tableau of a climatic moment.

In the second part of the lesson, four pupils are chosen to play the key figures of the story while others devise, write and then pitch a range of questions to them. This "hot-seating" shows the progression in both knowledge and understanding that pupils can make through the lesson.

Key points:

  • Use role play to explore the nature of sacrifice and matyrdom
  • Lively group discussions demonstrating pupils' understanding of sacrifice
  • Comparison with other religions and common threads

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