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KS2 History - The Tudors using ICT 2



A review of KS2 History, The Tudors using ICT Historians Dr Penelope Harnett and Dr Michael Riley, assess and critique deputy head Simon Botten's methods of teaching his Year 5 class about the wives of Henry VIII.

The lesson was not only ambitious in concept, but also had to be achieved within a strict deadline of one hour. Whilst the experts support much of the idea behind the lesson, they question whether the timeframe and use of ICT distracted the children from the historical facts.

The programme shows good examples of how IT can stimulate and support work in the classroom, for instance: how the whiteboard may be used to structure and resource children's learning, when best to use video cameras, and how to use laptops for research. The programme raises interesting questions concerning curriculum balance and support.

Key points:

  • History versus technology: are they a successful combination?
  • Two experts review the effectiveness of the lesson at each stage
  • Pupils get to grips with cheap handheld video cameras


Published : Feb 2005

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary History

Tudor times

Primary ICT Curriculum


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