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The Sarah Bonnell School in east London is just completing the building of a new languages centre called "the atrium", as well as a media resources centre thanks to a remarkable £250,000 fundraising campaign.

Headteacher Cauthar Tooley gives a tour of the atrium to three visiting consultants who then move to the new media resources centre to discuss some of the best ways that secondary schools can raise funds.

Cauthar Tooley explains that she believes her school should not seek money from parents as they do not have the resources; instead her approach centres on perfecting the writing up of grant applications and backing up these applications with carefully tailored activities in the school.

The three fundraising consultants are:

  • Mark Jefferies, MD of Craigmyle
  • Freelance fundraising consultant David Poppitt
  • Freelance fundraising consultant Christine Baker

The consultants and the head discuss a range of fundraising techniques and ideas, including leadership and fundraising.

Published : Apr 2005

15 mins


Secondary Management

Whole School Issues

Secondary Finance


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