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Primary ICT - Back On Line



St Philip's school, near Bath, failed its Ofsted report in 2002, due partially to its lack of ICT capability. Since then the school has invested significantly in resources and training. This has increased staff confidence in using the equipment and has led to the better use of ICT across the curriculum and throughout the school.

Accompanied by headteacher Ian Russell and ICT co-ordinator Myra Wilson, we visit classrooms to witness how staff are using ICT to enrich their lessons. Ian and Myra then tell us about St Philip's' "recovery", and their views on how ICT can make teaching more enjoyable and lessons more effective and what they think classroom technology holds in store for the future of education.

This programme demonstrates the strategies that have enabled one school to vastly improve their ICT provision.

Published : Mar 2005

15 mins

Whole School Issues

Primary ICT across the school

ICT Learning

ICT Management


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