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Secondary ICT - E-Schooling



Introducing learning and teaching styles that recognise the impact of the Internet. In this programme Dan Buckley, vice-principal of Eggbuckland Community College in Plymouth, talks about his responsibility for turning the school into an e-learning organisation.

Year 8 and 9 groups are seen being taught in laptop groups with wireless internet access whilst teachers Adrian Daw (maths) and Paul Reynolds (science) talk about teaching groups in this way.

The excitement and innovation of the project bring practical challenges and Dan Buckley and college principal Katrina Borowski comment on the future facing the school as the scheme develops.

The programme shows:

  • Pupils offering feedback from their classes, reflecting on the initiatives in student leadership, access management and digital creativity
  • Four pupils involved in peer-to-peer teaching at a local primary school
  • Access managers who supervise ICT suites in breaks and at lunchtime

Published : Mar 2005

14 mins

Whole School Issues

Secondary ICT across the school

ICT Management


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