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Secondary ICT - Money for ICT: Spend It



So, you've got the money in place, but what do you spend it on?

Just as finding money for ICT can be a difficult process, so spending the money successfully can be a nerve-wracking undertaking for schools. The aim of this programme is to look at different models for spending money on ICT and the issues that need to be addressed.

In Money for ICT: Spend It, we focus again on Waldegrave School and Greensward College, but this time compare and contrast what the two schools spent their money on and why.

Through conversations with the key representatives we consider:

  • How they budget for hardware or software
  • What the hidden costs are
  • What advice/support is available to them
  • How they evaluate their ICT needs
  • Who is involved in the decision-making process

Published : May 2005

15 mins

Whole School Issues

Secondary Finance

Secondary ICT across the school

ICT Management


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