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Catering Contracts



Bridgid Nzekwu and DfES procurement expert Claire Dicks visit Filsham Valley School, a large comprehensive near Hastings to offer business manager Glyn Marsh advice on saving money.

Glyn would love to find savings to fund some of the projects he has listed on the board in his office. Bridgid and Claire focus on the school's catering which is contracted out.

Catering can be a profitable venture and most schools manage to break even. Filsham Valley is not only buying equipment and paying a sizeable management fee, but also underwriting some of the loss the catering company made last year.

Claire and Bridgid organise a fact-finding mission for Glyn when he visits Warden Park School, in West Sussex, where the catering was taken in-house three years ago, and now generates a healthy profit.

It's food for thought for Glyn who could save a substantial amount of money, allowing him to transform an unused strip of land into a school allotment.


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