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Hooked on Learning



Janet Huscroft, headteacher at Hook Church of England Primary School in Yorkshire, aims to develop lively, enquiring and creative minds through schemes of work that are based on transferable skills and a thematic approach.

The school takes a novel approach to curriculum time, there are no doors on the classrooms, no timetable and no fixed playtime!

Class teacher Di Meyer provides an insight into the school through a video she has made, Hooked on Learning, which is her first use of video in the classroom.

In the studio discussion that follows, consultant Adrienne Jones is joined by Di, Janet Huscroft and another headteacher, Kate Rowley, from a school in the local network. They explore the benefits of this creative approach on pupils' learning, the impact on interpersonal skills, confidence and attitudes to school and learning.

They also consider the wider implications of using a teacher-made video for assessment and CPD and conclude that video is a key tool for them to use in the future.

Published : Jun 2007

15 mins


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