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Happiest Days?



Four schools' approaches to increasing the happiness and wellbeing of pupils are shown in this whole-school video on personal and social skills in primary and secondary, linked with Every Child Matters.

By adopting nurture group principles, headteacher Jeni Barnacle has transformed behaviour and performance at St Andrew's Primary in North Pickenham. The principles involve creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and positive values, with great emphasis on role play and hands-on learning.

Year 10 students undergo brain mapping to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses, at King Harold School in Waltham Abbey. The aim is for self-knowledge to provide a route to personal fulfillment.

Positive psychology has been introduced to the curriculum at Strath Haven High School, Pennsylvania.

And finally, Alsop High School in Liverpool is exploring the use of humour, as professional comedian Steph Davies builds up pupils' self-confidence by running workshops on stand-up comedy.


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