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Beauty Therapy



A focus on Jade Kidd, the UK's beauty therapy competitor for WorldSkills 2007. At just 19 years of age she has already opened a beauty salon in Skegness.

The programme follows Jade and her training manager to a health spa in Lincolnshire where she gets a master class in body massage to help prepare her for the WorldSkills competition, to be held in Japan.

We meet her sisters who work in the hairdressing salon opposite her premises and who share clients. The family business is completed by her mother Tina, who went back to college at the age of 45 to study for a City and Guilds qualification in nail treatments and manicure.

As Jade gets to grips with an eyebrow tint and wax she explains how she uses her experience in the salon to prepare for competition. She also discusses her ambitions to open a super salon using her sisters' and her mother's skills alongside her own!

Published : Jun 2007

15 mins


Secondary Pupil


Secondary Vocational 14-19


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