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Primary Attendance - Parentally Condoned Absence



Shacklewell Primary School's attendance was found to be unsatisfactory by Ofsted in 2002 but now its close to the national average.

This programme looks at the reasons behind this success story as well as some of Hackney's tougher measures.

We see a truancy sweep at Dalston Market and a home visit to a parent whose daughter's attendance slipped to 67 per cent earlier in the year.

Over the past five years The Learning Trust, which runs Hackney's education service, has got much tougher on primary school attendance and made a 30 per cent improvement. The government offers a wide range of measures to improve attendance, but unlike some authorities, Hackney is prepared to use the most severe.

Parents have faced court action and fines up to £2,500. The Learning Trust has found it's the threat as well as a willingness to prosecute that's been the key to reducing absence in primary schools.

Published : Jun 2007

15 mins


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