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Primary Attendance - Holidays in Term Time



This programme profiles Harbinger School on the Isle of Dogs, which has adopted a tough policy on allowing holidays during term time.

Headteacher Mandy Boutwood argues that the policy is fair because it prevents arbitrary decisions being taken about which holidays are acceptable and which are not.

There are three case studies of parents who have recently taken their children on trips away from Harbinger School during term time. These illustrate the impact of such trips on a pupil's education.

The case studies also highlight three important issues: the educational worth of holidays abroad, the affordability of holidays and the impact of longer trips abroad.

Five years ago Tower Hamlets recommended a zero tolerance policy for holidays in term time, which some schools in the borough, such as Harbinger, adopted. The tough approach simplifies some of the complexities involved and the schools find it reduces the number of pupils taking trips.

Published : Jun 2007

15 mins


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