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Professor Ted Sizer describes the beginnings of the small school movement in America, focusing on Boston, and outlines its core principles.

The education department in Boston was aware that many of its students were losing out because of the size of their school. To overcome this, the Boston Pilot School Network, a group of 20 largely autonomous schools each with no more than 450 students, was created.

Linda Nathan, co-principal at Boston Arts Academy, outlines what freedoms they have as a pilot school and speaks of her vision and commitment.

Creating a learning community where teachers, students and parents work together is central. For the pupils the schools are exciting, classes are fun and they learn a lot.

Teachers know the students' learning styles and support them both emotionally and socially. For the teachers having control over what they teach, how they teach and why they teach is empowering.

Published : Jul 2007

15 mins


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