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Performance Management



This episode of Careerwise explores the new model of performance management and appraisals, with debate and discussion from a number of high profile educationalists.

Susan Tranter, headteacher and author of Performance Management in Schools, explains the theory behind the performance management model before we see it in practice during subsequent meetings.

In the studio, presenter Peter Curran hosts a vigorous discussion on the issues surrounding performance management with the following guests: Dr. Anne Jasman, policy advisor for the General Teaching Council; Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers; and John Bangs from the National Union of Teachers.

Lastly we find out what primary CPD co-ordinator Laura Hewer has learnt after talking to Donald Ridley, lecturer of organisational psychology at the University of East London and Rebekah Liyambo, Newham local authority's CPD adviser, to find out what performance management is all about.


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