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VLE in Action



Take a look at Queen Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale, in Cumbria, who use a VLE across the curriculum.

VLEs should be commonplace within schools within the next few years. Several UK schools are ahead of the curve and have been working with these learning platforms for some years.

Queen Elizabeth demonstrates some of the advantages of the VLE:

  • Enhancing learning and promoting discussion in English
  • Administering tests in physics
  • Reducing administration in food technology
  • Improving the credibility of reading for boys during a reading week initiative

Teachers at the school talk about how the opportunities provided by a VLE appeals to pupils to whom instant messaging and social networking are second nature. They also discuss how a VLE can make learning an "anytime, anywhere" experience.

Published : Sep 2007

15 mins


Secondary ICT Management

Whole School Issues

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