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Professional Standards - The Role of the AST, Primary



A look at how three advanced skills teachers, at Latchmere Junior School in Kingston upon Thames, meet some of the key professional standards expected of them.

Kevin Hogston is responsible for creativity and meditation in the school. He has introduced several innovative relaxation and calming techniques for pupils to use and trains other staff to use them, both from Latchmere and other schools in the borough.

Jane Seeley is AST for creativity and art. Watch as she teaches one of her special art projects in the school. Jane takes her pupils onto the streets of Kingston to plan an art journey through the town for other schools to use.

Sally Crowe's speciality is science and, as well as teaching and running the school's science clubs, she spends one day a week sharing her expertise with colleagues in other schools.

Published : Sep 2007

15 mins


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Professional Standards


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