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KS1 RE - Exploring Parables: The Good Samaritan



Reception teacher Jo Bailey introduces the story of The Good Samaritan to her class at Fairlop Primary school in Essex.

When it comes to teaching parables or other faith stories with a moral message, non-specialist teachers are sometimes faced with a dilemma as to how much they can adapt the story for their audience, and how best to draw out key messages.

At Fairlop Primary, faith visitors are invited to the school to help with this problem and to help improve communication with pupils. Christian worker Neil Poole assists here by simplifying the story, whilst keeping in key vocabulary.

Neil also encourages pupil participation with acting and use of costumes. This helps to keep the class focused but also helps them to recall the story in detail, which is seen during a discussion exercise.

Published : Oct 2007

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Religious Education

Learning about religion

Whole School Issues

Primary Early Years


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