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The Learning Environment gives expert advice on ways to make the most of learning environments with a high impact but low cost makeover.

When Helen and Ruth of Foster Park Primary School plan a nursery makeover, they bring in expert Kym Scott to help.

Together they look at the small-world area, indoor and outdoor zones and ideas for outdoor den-making. Kym first assesses their needs for the spaces and checks out what they have already. She then helps plan some simple ways to integrate their existing resources with those that can be borrowed, bought and made by the children.

Two weeks later, Kym returns to see the transformation. There's now an indoor garden centre for role play, a road-mapped small world writing area, a stunning pizza restaurant outside and a den-making kit for the children.

Not only are the spaces stimulating for learning opportunities but the children have really enjoyed being part of the process of creating them.

Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


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