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We visit accredited childminder Julie Thomas in Birmingham who looks after a pair of three-year-olds. Having noticed the children's excitement about buses, Julie builds a bus journey into her plans.

This programme follows Tom and Riley's journey, as they talk excitedly about passengers, see other buses, and both notice and take photographs of key features of the journey.

At the bus station, they notice the timetable which involves working with numbers. Back at the childminder's, they consolidate their learning. They use the photographs to recall and order the journey. They role play about the bus, using a large cardboard box and also draw and make models around the bus theme.

This programme looks at the way Julie plans from a child-initiated starting point, skillfully leads the learning and follows up an experience in the everyday environment with play at her "setting".

Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


Early Years Workshop


Primary Teacher

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