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King Edward VII School in Sheffield try out some of the activities connected to the How Science Works programmes.

Will Davey and Simon Cooke challenge their Year 10 students to discover the best lubricant for a ski, after watching Peter Styring design one in How Science Works: Engineering Gold.

The key to this activity is to let the students think for themselves, developing their own ideas and coming up with their own questions and answers.

Meanwhile, Mat Galvin leads his Year 10 pupils through an activity based on climate change, having shown them How Science Works: Chasing the Wind, in which Dr. Maggie Aderin builds an instrument to measure wind patterns from space.

The students are assigned roles and have to present an argument for or against the idea that human activity is damaging the Earth's climate. Only after their presentations can they step out of role to discuss their personal views.

Published : Oct 2007

15 mins


How Science Works


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Science

How science works


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