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Enquiring Minds



A visit to Ashton Park School in Bristol, where we examine the effectiveness of the Enquiring Minds project through the observation of three lessons.

Now in the second year of a three year programme, the Enquiring Minds project aims to create opportunities for learners to be independent, take responsibility for their own learning, create their own knowledge and conduct their own research in the context of a digital information landscape.

Students involved in the project each choose a question to research for their enquiry. The questions are diverse and include the following:

  • can we reverse global warming?
  • how do we think?
  • why do we get old?
  • do ghosts exist?

As part of their enquiry, the students will need to interview experts in their chosen field. In the final lesson we observe, watch as they are given tips on interviewing from a communications expert.

Published : Nov 2007

15 mins




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