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Nursery 2



In this programme, a panel of experts discuss points raised by the previous programme and offer their advice.

The panel looks at:

  • The value of multilingual staff in inner-city settings
  • The informal observations nursery teacher Jane made of her pupil Amani in the previous programme
  • How those observations can inform the next steps in learning
  • The value of making quick notes and how these can feed into a child's profile

The panel gives hints on how best to record observations. They also look at the difficulty some practitioners have with standing back and observing play rather than being part of it are also discussed.

The panel includes:

  • Sheila Sage, primary advisor with responsibility for early years in Worcestershire
  • Ged Cotton, an infant school headteacher from Hove and previously team leader for early years at the QCA
  • Diane Rich, early years consultant and author
  • Jane Hackett, nursery teacher

Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


Early Years Workshop


Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Early Years


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