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This programme looks at the balance between child-initiated and adult-directed play, by focusing on Berridge Infant School, a multicultural school in Nottingham.

Berridge is an open-plan school, where reception classes take place in the unit and outdoors. Jo Moore and Kristabel Harwood, each teach a class but plan together and share an outdoor area. This programme focuses on a child from each of their classes, Jade and Shoaib.

Jade's day starts with maths with Jo. The class is set outdoors and features a fun-filled "shape hunt". Meanwhile, Shoaib has a whole class words-activity with Kirstabel followed by a focus-activity.

Jade then spends the majority of a free flow play session which is centred on a pet shop in role play. Jo models the role of a customer, phoning the shop and placing an order. Jade is fascinated by writing "dog" in the shop notebook. She plays both customer and shop keeper.

Shoaib spends time on the computer before joining the teaching assistant outside. Today, they are digging up carrots they have planted. He is fascinated when he digs them up, and clearly surprised and motivated by his discovery.

Finally Jade consolidates her mathematical experience, choosing to play with the shapes outside.

Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


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