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Division, Volume and Other Topics



This classroom resource for Key Stage 2 maths presents eight dramatised situations highlighting maths problems to be used as starters for primary lessons on fractions, decimals and percentages, or numbers and algebra.

Bring maths lessons to life by: using angles to find Pirate Kate's lost treasure; using fractions and percentages to help Nateisha with her packed lunch survey; using division in both The Thief's Problem and The Puppy Problem.

Also explore volume and division in Mrs Hanson's Problem; use multiplication in both Piggy's Problem and The Train Problem; and use percentages in The Cake Problem.

A suitable year group is suggested for each lesson start, reflected by a tile board at the start of each problem, where the topic is also indicated.



Teachers' Notes: Primary ICT - Whiteboard Maths - Eight Lesson Starts (size 0.1 M)
Notes explaining each of the eight problems posed for preparation and reference after viewing

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