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A look at how the Rochdale Educational and Learning Trust provides a one stop shop for all the CPD needs of the area's schools and services.

Set up in 2001, the Trust first consults schools to find out their particular their training needs. Then, having paid an annual subscription, all the school's staff is entitled to a range of courses, networking learning events and international opportunities.

The staff are also entitled to CPD resources such as the Expert Trail, an individual career pathway for both teachers and support staff.

At Hopwood Primary School this Expert Trail has empowered two lunchtime supervisors to take responsibility for a complete restructuring of school lunchtimes. Headteacher Gill Sarginson hopes this will have significant benefits to children's learning.

At nearby Bamford Primary School, headteacher Cherie Rivero wants all her teachers trained in music, so takes advantage of the Trust's Treasury of Best Practice.

Published : Nov 2007

15 mins




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